Time to Sleep – Check-in 1

The first couple of weeks trying to get more sleep has been difficult, and based on where I’m at I’d say unsuccessful.

I’ve had some medical issues that at first meant I stopped getting up to exercise. I got more sleep and felt better for it, but then felt really rubbish for not getting outside and active during the day so this week I started getting up again and was back to less sleep. I guess I could fit the activity in at another time but I’m not sure where, particularly on days that I work.

Perhaps I could take my daughter for a walk in the pram when I get home. The challenges I see with this are:

  • She could be tired and grumpy, so the best thing for her is to get an early dinner and to bed
  • I often feel tired at the end of the day and just want to sit and rest
  • I like to listen to a podcast but couldn’t do this and interact with her
  • If I go alone I don’t have to worry about the weather so much because it’s just me that will get wet or cold
  • I enjoy the outdoors in the morning when it’s quiet and peaceful
  • I like starting my day with exercise – I feel more energised and the morning is more positive

Alternatively I can focus on getting to bed earlier, but 9pm sounds so early. The barriers to this have been:

  • We’ve been eating dinner late – 8.30-9pm at times
  • We watch TV at dinner and then I end up lounging on the couch for a bit afterwards
  • When I get to bed I’ve been reading for a while, therefore staying up later
  • I’ve been having naps in the day because I’m tired, I imagine these make it harder to get to sleep at a decent hour
  • My daughter has been going to bed later, which pushes the evening back
  • Meals haven’t been well planned, so sometimes there’s still some thinking to do which delays having dinner because I’m too tired to make decisions

Considering the two options, getting to bed earlier seems more appealing and like less of a sacrifice to change so I’ll start there. This week I’ll try to get to bed with lights out by 9.30pm, to do this I’ll try:

  • Finishing dinner by 8.30pm and starting to tidy up so I can be in bed by 9pm
  • No TV with dinner – it doesn’t really enhance my life anyway (I hope my husband feels the same!)
  • Getting my daughter into bed with the lights out by 7.15pm – this should allow enough time to cook and eat dinner

I’d like to find ways to make going to bed more enticing, something that makes it feel like a treat. My book is one thing to look forward to, but it doesn’t seem like enough. I feel like going to bed early means I lose my quiet time in the evening and I want it to not seem like a sacrifice.

What (G rated) ideas do you have for making bedtime more enticing?

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