Time to Sleep – Check-In 2

Life seems to get in the way of plans, doesn’t it? Having said that I’ve had a bit of success in the last week. I’ve been getting over 7 hours sleep the last few nights! I think I’m noticing a difference – less drowsy, more energy, generally more motivated to be productive.

This week we made a last minute decision to get half of our house painted this week, it’s a long story but is the best outcome in the long run. That decision meant a lot of work over the weekend and Monday to get the house cleared and ready. So how did I still manage to get more sleep?

  • I prioritised sleep, recognising that I was getting plenty of activity on my non-work days I decided to not exercise in the mornings.
  • I got to bed a little earlier
    • I enlisted my husband to help me. He set an alarm for 9pm and when I wasn’t prepping the house, I had to take my medication and put my pyjamas on at that time
    • By getting up and changed, I ended up just starting my evening routine which got me into bed before 10pm
    • We also had the added benefit of not having a TV at the moment because it’s packed up – one less distraction

Given that this is working well I plan to continue on a similar path. We won’t have a TV for another week (we’re getting new floors laid), so hopefully everything will come together nicely to break some bad habits.

There’s also potential for my husband to be starting a new job soon. If that happens, he’ll get home earlier which means we can all eat together before our daughter goes to bed. I see this as a great benefit in being able to get to bed earlier and spend quality time together. I think it will also stop some of the TV watching since we tend to start when we sit down to dinner on the couch (a habit I’m not fond of, and something we don’t do with our daughter).

I genuinely feel like some positive changes are starting to fall into place, we’ll see how things go over the next week when I pick up morning exercise again. That seems to be my downfall…

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